Participant Profile and Questionnaire


Lehner, Astrid

Danube University Krems, Austria

Briefly describe your institution (faculties, department, n° of students, internationalisation strategy, priorities etc.):
Faculty of Business and Globalization; Department of Migration and Globalization; University courses in Migration Management and Intercultural Competencies etc-

In which fields are you looking for cooperation?
Education, Mathematics and statistics, Humanities, Health, Welfare, Social and behavioural sc., Business and administration,

Through which action(s) would you be interested in cooperating? (Multiple choice possible)
Capacity Building in Higher Education, Jean Monnet Erasmus+ Knowledge alliance

Which Partner Country(ies) would you like to cooperate with? (Multiple choice possible)

Relevant information on previous or ongoing international cooperation
Erasmus+ capacity building, COSME, Erasmus+ curriculum development,

What are your expectations for this Contact Seminar?
Networking, information on funding possibilities, establishing future partnerships