Participant Profile and Questionnaire


NOURA, Hassan

Dean of Faculty of Engineering

Briefly describe your institution (faculties, department, n° of students, internationalisation strategy, priorities etc.):
The Islamic University of Lebanon (IUL) is a private Lebanese institution of higher education. The university serves 4000+ students in four campuses in undergraduate and graduate programs offered in different areas within nine faculties. Students from other countries in the Middle-East are joining IUL. The university is fostering international mobility for studies and research collaboration.

In which fields are you looking for cooperation?
Education, Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Hygiene and health services, Business and administration, Architecture and construction, Law,

Through which action(s) would you be interested in cooperating? (Multiple choice possible)
International Credit Mobility - Student and staff exchange, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, Capacity Building in Higher Education, Jean Monnet

Which Partner Country(ies) would you like to cooperate with? (Multiple choice possible)

Relevant information on previous or ongoing international cooperation
The university had signed different MoUs with universities abroad for collaboration in education and research.

What are your expectations for this Contact Seminar?
The main expectations are to get in touch with Higher Education Institutions for partnership aiming at preparing successful applications for proposals under the next Erasmus+ calls.