Participant Profile and Questionnaire


Abo-Qudais, Saad

Vice President for Scientific Research and International Cooperation
Al-Balqa Applied University

Briefly describe your institution (faculties, department, n° of students, internationalisation strategy, priorities etc.):
Al-Balqa’ Applied University (BAU) was established In accordance with the Royal Decree issued on 22nd August, 1996. BAU started teaching in the academic year 1997/1998.The main goal of establishing the University was to enhance vocational and Applied Education.BAU has 20 colleges (8 in the main campus and 12 spread all over Jordan).

In which fields are you looking for cooperation?
Education, Physical sciences, Mathematics and statistics, Health, Languages, Engineering, Social and behavioural sc., Manufacturing and processing, Business and administration, Architecture and construction, Law, Agriculture, Transport services, Biological and related sciences, Environment,

Through which action(s) would you be interested in cooperating? (Multiple choice possible)
International Credit Mobility - Student and staff exchange, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, Capacity Building in Higher Education, Jean Monnet

Which Partner Country(ies) would you like to cooperate with? (Multiple choice possible)
France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom

Relevant information on previous or ongoing international cooperation
- Funds from EU, EU countries and other countries to run research , capacity building and studies projects. - Several Ersmus+ Projects.

What are your expectations for this Contact Seminar?
Technical Assistance for the Development of new Study plans and curricula. and Sustainability of the Proposed Programs.Reforming existing Technical Education programs. Building capacity and Training of Trainers. Exchange of researchers and students. Establishing center of Innovation.