Participant Profile and Questionnaire


Dalakoura, Katerina

Associate Professor, member of the Research Committee of the University of Crete
University o Crete

Briefly describe your institution (faculties, department, n° of students, internationalisation strategy, priorities etc.):
UoC is a public university. It has 16 Departments in 5 Faculties and a number of affiliated research Centers and institutions located in two cities. It has over 18,000 undergraduates and 2,700 postgraduate students, 500 academics, supported by adjunct lecturers, laboratory support staff and instructors, and 300 administrative/technical staff. UoC prides itself on research-led teaching and significance attached to research training at all levels.

In which fields are you looking for cooperation?
Education, Humanities, Social and behavioural sc.,

Through which action(s) would you be interested in cooperating? (Multiple choice possible)
International Credit Mobility - Student and staff exchange, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees,

Which Partner Country(ies) would you like to cooperate with? (Multiple choice possible)

Relevant information on previous or ongoing international cooperation
University of Crete was selected by the Commission in 2010 as an Erasmus Success Story: i) Joint Master programs ii) Participation in International research training networks (Sophia Network, Network of Excellence in Internet Science, CLIMASP, Nanophotonics, EMIDS, BACCHUS, RHEA, etc) iii) Over 500 bilateral inter-institutional greements iV) 3 International mobility programs .

What are your expectations for this Contact Seminar?
To be informed on the topic of the Seminar, to find partners for cooperation within the frame of the Erasmus programs